Greyhound Earrings & Pearl Drops

Discover the exquisite art of England’s renowned miniature wildlife sculptor, PAUL EATON, with his bespoke Greyhound sterling silver stud earrings with freshwater pearl drops. Expertly handcrafted, these miniature sculptures depict the elegance of a Greyhound and are beautifully complemented by freshwater pearls. The earrings measure 1" in height, 0.63" in width, and 0.25" in depth.  Each pair of earrings is cast individually and meticulously hand-finished, ensuring exceptional quality and attention to detail.  IN STOCK

For Paul Eaton’s dog inspired jewelry, we offer the flexibility to customize your earrings with any breed or animal. Choose from sterling silver, 9ct, or 18ct, and select the perfect stone, bead, or gem drop to enhance your unique earrings. Alternatively, you may opt for the earrings without a drop, showcasing the captivating beauty of the sterling silver sculpture alone. The dog heads are available in two sizes: a small 1/2" width or a large 7/8" width. If you prefer a drop with a jewel, the height is 1".

Please note that while previously carved miniature sculptures are plentiful and can be readily shipped, they may require 2 months for production. For new breeds, please allow 3-4 months for customization.  All lead times are subject to shipping schedules.

Experience the allure of Paul Eaton’s realistic animal jewelry, a testament to the artist’s skill, passion and dedication to capturing the beauty of nature.  Wear Your Art!

The bespoke sterling silver Greyhound stud earrings with freshwater pearl drops in are in stock and are shipped from Charleston, SC.

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