Horse Grisaille Miniatures in Cufflinks

Discover the collaboration between esteemed miniature oil painting artist, BETH de LOISELLE, and jewelry maker, PAUL EATON, with these original exquisitely detailed miniature grisaille paintings of horses encased in bespoke sterling silver swivel backed cufflinks.  These miniature grisaille paintings, which are paintings executed entirely in shades of grey, portray stunningly detailed horse heads.    The cufflinks measure 3/4"diameter.  IN STOCK

Beth de Loiselle, a highly skilled miniature artist, has honed her craft by studying old masters' fundamentals while developing her own technique. The art form of miniature oil painting dates back to medieval scribes.  She has studied and has taught the classical method of painting miniatures at The Schuler School of Art, one of the most esteemed institutions for teaching old masters techniques in the United States.

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Beth de Loiselle’s commissioned miniature oil paintings and portraits.  With meticulous attention to detail, Beth brings dogs, animals and various subjects to life in her exquisite artwork.  These beautiful creations can be custom fitted into a plethora of beautiful jewelry designs each meticulously handcrafted by the skilled artisan, Paul Eaton.   Wear Your Art!

These Beth de Loiselle grisaille miniature horse paintings encased in Paul Eaton bespoke sterling silver cufflinks are in stock and are shipped from the United States.

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