Paul Eaton

Paul Eaton was born in London in 1955. As a child he moved to the countryside in the Surrey Hills where his love of wildlife began. When his widowed mum had to send him off to private school, Paul began making jewelry to sell to school friends to feed the owl that he kept in his dorm room. 

Once a grown man he solely made fine jewelry. After an accident he found himself confined to a hospital bed so to ward off his boredom, he decided to make his first animal sculpture, an otter. His skilled jewelry techniques enabled him to finish his animal sculptures with intricate detail, and he is now a renowned sculptor and jeweler.

Paul Eaton is the Vice President of the Royal Miniature Society;  Full Member of the Miniature Painters, Gravers & Sculptors Society of Washington, DC; and Member of Miniature Artists of America; Hilliard Society of Miniaturists; and the Miniature Art Society of Florida. Paul Eaton is a recipient of many first place awards.